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Multi-Sensory Stander

Ormesa Multisensorial Stander makes standing and weight bearing far more effective and fun.

Standing is important for every child where possible, and therapy can become a pleasant and fun exercise in this tool free adjustable Stander.

The Stander comes with an Activity Tray, support for stable positioning of the feet, knee supports, and hip and trunk supports, all with tool free adjustment.

Multi-Sensory Stander Key Features:

Ormesa Multi-Sensory Stander is height adjustable with a “safety locking system”.

Tools free adjustments make it easy for Family and Carers to make adjustments as needed.

Table designed for educational activities and support for the upper limbs. It can be removed for upper limb and torso rehabilitative activities.

Platform Base on lockable wheels with control panel and QR code for accessing the recommended applications.

Knee Supports are padded with removable, washable fabric. Adjustable in height, and in anterior and posterior directions independently in rotation and abduction.

Heel supports are adjustable in width and depth.

Pelvic and Thoracic Supports are independently adjustable in rotation with ‘secure lock’ system; in height; in circumference (with Velcro) and in anterior-posterior positions.

Numbered bars to find the right setting, determined by the treating Therapist.



Please view the specifications here: Multi-Sensory Stander – Specifications [PDF]

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