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Jenx Monkey Stander

Jenx Monkey Prone Stander is a simple, highly adjustable standing system which can provide prone/upright positioning. The Jenx Monkey Stander has been a favourite with Families and Therapists with it’s ease of use and adjustments.

Specifically designed to appeal to young children and their families, the Jenx Monkey is an ideal fun and gentle introduction to standing. Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright at 90 degrees right down to 20 degrees prone – perfect for gradually building tolerance to standing as part of a therapy programme.

Capacity for outstanding thoracic and pelvic support coupled with flexible leg positioning make the Monkey Prone Stander a great option for almost every child.


The Monkey comes complete with:

Chest, hip and leg support boards

Adjustable chest, hip and leg positioning pads

Chest and hip straps

Integrated angle adjustable tray with bowl


Size 1 sandals

4 lockable, swivel castors

Jenx Monkey Stander Features:

De-rotational thoracic & pelvis straps with lateral pads that fasten in the centre and adjust independently from either side, enabling a mid-line position to be achieved and maintained.

Angle-adjustable tray with both bowl and smooth tray infill for a wide variety of engaging activities.

Comes as a complete unit and very few adjustments are required.

Polyurethane support surfaces with antimicrobial agent.

Flexible growth: chest and hip boards can be independently altered and fixed to accommodate your child.

Fully upholstered chest, hip and leg boards help make standing more comfortable, to increase standing tolerance.

Angle can be adjusted with the child in the frame and set to the correct angle with infinite adjustment.


Please view the specifications here: Jenx Monkey Stander – Specifications [PDF]

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