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Jenx Corner Seat

The Jenx Corner Seat offers support in long sitting, which is a child’s usual first sitting position.

Seating with long straight legs helps maintain the length of the muscles behind the knee and prevents ‘W’ Sitting for activities. Pair the Corner Seat with the Jenx Nursery Table for lots of fun activities while maintaining seating position.


Jenx Corner Seat Features:

Adjustable back height

An abduction block is used to help keep your child well positioned, with their hips neatly back into the seat.

Corner shape helps to maintain your child in midline and, if you prefer to have a flat back with wings at the side, there are small triangular cushions available to place at the back to provide this setting.

Pair with the Jenx Nursery Table for fun activities


Please view the specifications here: Jenx Corner Seat – Specifications [PDF]

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