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Careflex Smart Seat Pro

SmartSeat® Pro is a revolutionary modular chair, and seating system which is highly adjustable for individuals with complex posture and pressure management needs.
SmartSeat® Pro is suitable for Adults and Children with the following conditions and postural challenges: Cerebral Palsy, Abnormal muscle tone, Pelvic instability, Scoliosis and other complex needs.

Unique multi-adjustable back rest components with contoured built-in adjustable wings.

Tilt-In-space (TIS) which redistributes body weight whilst maintaining hip and knee angle.

A highly adjustable, modular seating system for clients with complex postural and pressure management needs.


Smart Seat Pro Features:

The three upper back rest components adjustable in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation.

Lumbar section that can be configured to fully meet the individual’s postural need

Back height adjustment.

Adjustable head and shoulder support.

Back angle recline for comfortable hip position.

Seat width and depth adjustment ensures correct pelvic alignment.

Integral, stowable angle adjustable footplate for stability and sensory feedback.

Full width, independently elevating, floating-tracking leg rest which elevates to 90o with no gap.

Removable arms allowing easy access and transfer from both sides.

Specialised seat cushions which work synergistically to provide continuous pressure relief.

Advanced materials that are hard wearing and easy to clean. Fabrics are anti-bacterial, stain resistant and fire retardant.


Please view the specifications here: Smart Seat Pro – Specifications [PDF]


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